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  • No PayPal account - You can use credit card via PayPal.  Be sure to follow the instruction on PayPal's site
  • Is my payment completed? - Be sure to follow the instruction on PayPal's site when you are linked to that page and complete your PayPal transaction. You should receive an email receipt from this system and PayPal when you complete the form and your payment goes through, otherwise your form is not completed.

Pay later by Check

  • An invoice will be emailed to you when completing the form.  Send it with your payment to the address included in the invoice
  • Select this option if you apply for Dr. Tze-chung Li's Student Membership Scholarship and include "Dr. Li's Scholarship recipient" in "Recommended by" field.


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Note:  Half dues apply to NEW members who join after June 30 of the year only):

CALA Membership Information

A Former member: not a current member. For example, the application is for 2012, but the applicant is not a member in 2011.

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After you receive your account login information from the Membership Committee, please login and use "Update Contact Information Form" to provide an alternate emails if any.

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Information you provided in "Work" address fields will be the source for CALA Membership Directory. Must be an accurate mailing address if your preferred mailing address is "Work." Enter None if no information.

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Hold down [Ctrl] key and then click all that apply.

This is the employer or institution that you are currently with or retired from.

You may enter a "-" without quotes if no information

For retired or non-employed person, enter your former job categories or interests

Enter the full name of the CALA member who recommended you to join CALA, in format: Lastname, Firstname. If you are a recipient of Dr. Tze-chung Li's Student Membership Scholarship for your membership, please enter "Dr. Li's Scholarship recipient" without quotes.

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